Third Eye Creations - The Art of Paintings
                       Paintings - The Art             

                 The painting is like a mirror of the heart of an artist. It has no words in it but actually, a painting says more than words. But the understanding of the same always depend upon the art how fine it is. 

                 Like the poet expresses his thoughts in his rhymes, the same way an artist convey his message using his brush and colors. Painting with different colors in it, a perfect blend is an essential part of the painting. Several artists are famous in the world, 
                 The Da Vinci is one of the renowned artist who is still recognized with his famous "Mona Lisa". With time, artists have changed, art lovers are changed, art has changed and differentiated in many forms.

                Here we are having different kinds of paintings' collection which can be seen without any charge of course. Various paintings are classified and arranged in a well recognized manner. The gallery is just a part of us. There are lot more tha
n this.