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 World Famous Basohli Miniature Paintings                  


Basohli paintings are the world famous miniature paintings prevailed in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries in the Jammu and Kashmir. The Basholi style of painting displays a subtle fusion of the folk art of the hills and the unique technique of miniature paintings in other words you can say these paintings representing the rich cultural heritage and traditional legacy of the pahari(related to mountain) art and folk .

Basohli paintings possess unique style of colors, themes, characters, frankness, vitality and vigor which is not seen elsewhere. The borders of the paintings are deep red and rarely yellow. The decorative treatment of the paintings is among the prominent characteristic of Basholi paintings. The themes of Basholi Paintings are based on Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Maa Durga, Her Shakti Swaroops, Hindu Cultural etc.

Basohli paintings prepared on hand made paper sheet. In these paintings the you can observe the uses of primary colors such as  red, blue, yellow, green, black, white in a very unique way, which is not found in other miniature paintings   
hese royal paintings give a unique and traditional look to a wall and give piece of mind with amazing feelings.

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